#IBelieveYou Support Group

The Irish media, entertainment and theatre industry has been rocked by the global #MeToo campaign. It is thanks to individuals speaking out and openly sharing their stories the Irish public has become aware that abuse of power, bullying, sexual harassment, and assault are pandemic in our society.
Speaking out has come at a huge personal cost to those who felt compelled to act.
Dil Wickremasinghe, broadcaster and journalist, recently came forward and spoke out publicly against victim blaming and the misogynistic culture prevalent in the media industry. Just 2 weeks later her decade long award-winning radio programme was cancelled abruptly despite having positive ratings.
This incident has highlighted just how vulnerable some individuals are especially those working in industries that thrive on an imbalance of power. This often leads to a toxic culture of inequality and secrecy that can in some cases result in exploitation and abuse of power.
Inspiring Change in Self and Society
In 2011 social entrepreneurs Anne Marie Toole and Dil Wickremasinghe founded Insight Matters to aid and support the journey of self-discovery, enhancing well-being and paving the way to living an authentic and fuller life. Together they hope to “inspire change in self and society”. Just over 6 years later the family owned counselling and psychotherapy practice based in Dublin City Centre supports the mental health of over 350 clients a week with a team of 45 dedicated and talented psychotherapists and counsellors.
#IBelieveYou Support Group
Insight Matters would like to offer a unique opportunity for people who are survivors of abuse of power, bullying, sexual harassment and assault in the workplace to talk openly about their traumatic experiences and explore their impact.
The greatest barrier to survivors reaching for support is the fear of not being believed. Imagine if this barrier could be lifted to clear the way for countless others to step forward, speak freely, seek support and create lasting change.
The purpose of this support group is to create a safe, confidential, non-directive and affirmative space where you can explore and understand how your experience has affected you.
The group process rests on the belief that each individual has the inner ability and resources to move towards change and well-being. The positive aspects of sharing one’s experience in a safe and supportive group environment can help with feelings of isolation, provide emotional release, instil hope and ultimately offer healing.
The weekly support group will be facilitated by 2 qualified, experienced and highly dedicated psychotherapists.
Start Date: Tuesday 9th January 2018
Time: 1230pm – 2pm, weekly
Venue: Insight Matters
46, Mountjoy Square South, Dublin 1

Max participants: 15 per session
Fee: Contribution of €20 per person – Tea and Coffee provided
Book your place in advance by emailing bookings@insightmatters.ie