I stand with the women of Egypt… will you?

I had the great pleasure to be asked to be part of a discussion on the women of Egypt at Electric Picnic 2013 by Amnesty International Ireland.

Please find below further information on this issue by Amnesty International Ireland and join the campaign!

Demand Egypt’s political leaders condemn sexual violence

Political leaders in Egypt are failing to condemn horrific sexual violence against women in Tahrir Square.

As the world focuses on the political situation in Egypt, a wave of sexual violence against women has passed virtually unnoticed.

Women and girls protesting in the vicinity of Tahrir Square are, time and time again, being sexually attacked by mobs, with authorities remaining idle.

Testimonies from survivors and those attempting to help described the pattern of attacks: tens if not hundreds of men surrounding the women with countless hands tearing-off clothes and veils, unzipping trousers and groping breasts and backsides.

More than 180 attacks like these have been reported. Some women have been raped during the attacks.

No political group in Egypt has taken steps to stop the attacks.

If Egypt’s political leaders fail to condemn sexual violence in all its forms, and to put in place a comprehensive plan to protect women’s rights, we will continue to see attacks on women.
Call on Egypt’s political leaders to act now by visiting Amnesty International Ireland