Dil’s therapeutic approach nurtures psychosexual well-being, empowering clients to navigate challenges with a focus on growth and fulfilment, all in a safe and inclusive space.

Radio & Jouralism

Dil’s two decade-long broadcasting career champions marginalised voices, challenging societal norms to embrace diversity for a more inclusive society.

Speaking & Chairing

Dil’s dynamic speaking style engages audiences on diversity, intersectionality, mental health, personal development, building better relationships and resilience.

Trusted Clients

“Discrimination, homelessness, sexual abuse, mental health distress – These are just a few obstacles I have overcome and each time I have managed to pick myself up and find a way to thrive. One conversation at a time, whether in the therapy room, speaking in a workplace or in the media, my mission is to create a compassionate world where each individual can feel safe to live a fuller and more authentic life.”